Marital and Estate Litigation

Marital and Estate Litigation packaged boxes

For families with substantial net worth, the dissolution of a marriage or the distribution of assets upon the death of a family member often requires the assistance of lawyers with both sophisticated legal analysis and financial background, often with both spouses working and acquiring assets in both joint and individual names. Combining the experiences we offer as both trial and business lawyers, our firm has represented partners in major law firms, real estate developers, entrepreneurs and their spouses, and others in numerous family law disputes.

Dependent spouses may not be fully aware of whether the other spouse has accurately (and fairly) disclosed his/her assets and liabilities. Questions arise as to how to value businesses owned by the parties, whether the assets can be traced to property acquired prior to the marriage or by virtue of gift or inheritance, whether there are tax consequences to the sale or disposition of assets, and if assets such as partnerships, stock or other assets in closely held businesses is being fully disclosed.