Wage and Hour Disputes, Including Overtime, Unpaid Wages and Commissions

Wage and Hour Disputes shaking hands
We advise and defend both employers and employees in diverse wage and hour disputes. Wages are defined in Maryland as any compensation for work by an employee and may include a bonus promised for work completed, a commission promised as compensation for making a sale, a fringe benefit such as paid leave or health insurance, overtime pay, or any other form of compensation. Maryland law requires employers to pay employees, upon termination, wages due for work that the employee performed. The laws regarding classification of employees who are not exempt from overtime rules have important implications for both employers and employees.

We regularly address issues regarding wage disputes such as:

  • Deductions from Wages and Wage Payment at Termination
  • Unpaid Commissions
  • Pay for Meals, Breaks, Vacations and Sick Leave
  • Pay for Flexible Medical Leave and Family and Medical Leave
  • Overtime Pay
  • Pay for Waiting, “On Call” and Travel Time
  • Classification of Employees as Exempt vs. Non-exempt for Overtime